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Organize lists by archiving

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It's really easy to get lost in your Marketo instance if you have a lot of old programs laying around. I often see clients who have scroll through dozens or even hundreds of items on a picklist to find what they need. Needless to say this creates a lot of opportunity for error.

In this quick video, I’ll show you how to dramatically speed up your work day by archiving your old programs.

"Love may come and go, but the caring goes on." The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

Jazz Standards

Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me

Talking about jazz standards and someone mentioned how boring they are. Far from it, it's the musical version of Monet's much-beloved Water Lillies. Let's take a look at variations of a wonderful Duke Ellington composition, Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me.



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Now reading: (Aug-Sept 2018)

August - September, 2018. Books on Kindle: 271.

  • Vaclav and Lena - Haley Tanner
  • Pnin - Vladimir Nabokov
  • Feast of Sorrow - Crystal King
  • Kamikaze; a Japanese Pilot's life (nonfiction) - Yasuo Kuwahara
  • South of the Border, West of the Sun - Haruki Murakami
  • The Beginning of Spring - Penelope...

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Summer reading 2018

I’ve put together a quick list of great summer reads over at the Demand Spring blog. Topics include light fiction, parenting, systems thinking and automation.

There’s an interview as well. Check it out. Summer reading at Demand Spring

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Send your first Marketo email in under 5 minutes

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Marketo can seem pretty intimidating at first. In this quick video, I’ll show you how to make your first email send in less than five minutes. Quick wins are the key to success in Marketo when you’re first starting out, so let's do this!

“There’s no material safety data sheet for astatine. If there were, it would just be the word “NO” scrawled over and over in charred blood.” What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe

Import a list for email sends

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In this quick video we’ll look at how to upload a list of leads and contacts into Marketo for an email send.

“A half-read book is a half-finished love affair.” Cloud Atlas: A Novel —David Mitchell