Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me

Talking about jazz standards and someone mentioned how boring they are. Far from it, it's the musical version of Monet's much-beloved Water Lillies. Let's take a look at variations of a wonderful Duke Ellington composition, Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me.

Duke Ellington Orchestra

This is more or less the original (I’m generalizing here; please don’t take this literally, I’m certain there’s far earlier recordings available).

Ella Fitzgerald

Clark Terry

Sadly, the preview of this doesn’t do justice to the song. Clark Terry’s solos are wonderful around 3/4 of the way through the track.

Cootie Williams

Oscar Peterson

Mose Allison

Something about this song really sticks with me and I find myself humming this version. Mose Allison’s voice is charming here. This is also the reason for displaying Tidal tracks. Mose only has 1 version available on Spotify, and it’s not nearly as good as this.

Cal Tjader & Carmen McRae

This is a fun take on the standard.

Louis Armstrong & Duke Elllington

This is one of my absolute favorites. It’s a bit more upbeat and Armstrong’s voice adds a world of character.